Successful Fundraiser for Digital Library Books

Jun 5, 2020

Across the nation, 98% of all libraries were all closed last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic. National Library Week, April 19-25, is a celebration of libraries and all that they mean to us.

This year’s theme was ‘Find Your Place at the Library’ and even though we could not visit our library in-person, we still wanted to find a way to show support.

While people couldn’t borrow print books, Marcia Atilano, Dripping Springs Library Director, told us that the use of digital media had accelerated. We decided to do a one-week fundraiser to help supplement the existing e-Book collection.

“We are adding significantly to our eBook and eAudiobook collection. Extra money for that is definitely welcome.”

Thanks to generous supporters we raised $315.15 for the library. This provided 17 additional titles including mystery, gardening, fiction, and children’s books. Marcia Atilano also said she purposely purchased ebooks that will be ‘owned’ by the library and do not ‘expire’ after a certain length of time or number of circulations.

When we work together we can accomplish a lot and that’s one of the goals of the Friends of Dripping Springs Community Library. Thanks for your support and a special thank you to the dedicated library staff, too.

Dripping Springs Community Library - Pouring Over Books Event photo 5

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