What We Do

“The purposes of this Corporation shall be to promote the public use of the Library, foster an appreciation of the Library’s cultural and educational value to the community and encourage and support the ​improvement of the Library’s resources and services.”

Friends of the Dripping Springs Library Bylaws, Article III, Section 1

Having friends is important. Someone to share your interests and have fun with, a person who’s there when you need a hand. 

Libraries have been there for us, and now we can be Friends of the Library. All of us appreciate, respect, and care about libraries and all they represent. This is one way to help ensure they stay healthy. 

We demonstrate how valuable libraries are when we use its resources and programs, volunteer to help, and raise money to supplement the library budget.

 Money. Yes, it’s true — all the great programs and services require funding. The Friends group continues to raise many thousands of dollars for programs, services, and technology to help supplement the budget. 

 Show your support for the Dripping Springs Community Library by joining the Friends, becoming a sponsor, and attending our events — and visiting the library. We need you. 


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Annual Events

We enjoy working together and raising funds for the library at these annual events.

Pouring Over Books

Christmas on Mercer Street

Big Used Book Sale

The Wine Divas Wine Tasting

Occasional​ Special Events

Become a Friend of the Dripping Springs Community Library

Together we help create a stronger library for all to enjoy and benefit from. Becoming a Friend means you share a passion for our library and its programs.

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