“One attached to another by affection or esteem” and “one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)” are definitions of the word “friend”, according to the reliable Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. These are both a fair description of the Friends of the Dripping Springs Community Library. They are attached to our library because first, they love to read and to participate in life-long learning opportunities. Second, they understand the value of a library in a community, in our community. As a Friend of DSCL, they greatly favor the library with their many talents and time.

This very special group of dedicated volunteers has barely recovered from their very successful Pouring over Books event, held on February 26th. Their team effort on behalf of the library was extraordinary, as they arranged for special guest Susan Wittig Albert, New York Times award-winning and prolific central Texas author, to speak at the event. The venue at Prospect House, the music provided by the Hill Country Ramblers and the delicious hors d’oeuvres by Spoon & Co. reflected Dripping perfectly.

The money that the Friends donate to the library every year often pays for the excellent events that are offered during June and July summer programming. Thank you, Friends board members, John, Peter, Karen, Dominique, Theresa, Lynn, Kay Lynn, Teresa and Pat for your tireless efforts and creativity and especially for your friendship to the Dripping Springs Community Library community. Thank you to all who have membership in the Friends group. You help to make the library better for our community!

The Dripping Springs Community Library is a community center for equal and free access to information for all of those we serve.  Our library began in 1985, applied for and received 501 (c) 3 non-profit status in 1987 and retains the designation today. Dripping Springs library supporters opened the doors at our current location on Sportsplex Drive in 1998 with 900 cardholders, and not surprisingly presented a 3700 square foot Children’s Wing to the public early in 2005. This addition is the very busy center for books, digital resources and programming for children from six months to middle school ages.

DSCL has an excellent staff of ten who are knowledgeable and ready to help our members and visitors. In 2016, the number of library members (active cardholders) was 8900. Programming attendance this past year for children’s, teen and adult programs was 5,456 people.  With all of this activity, we could not function as well as we do without the assistance of our volunteers.  They shelve. They straighten.

They “read” the shelves to insure the books are in correct order. They assist with programs, special administrative and cataloging projects and so much more. We recently closed for four days to inventory and clean the entire library. Staff inventoried, and found less than 1% of our materials unaccounted. Staff and volunteers cleaned and straightened every book/material on all of our shelves. Thank you to all of our volunteers including our Friends! You are an amazing benefit to our library community.

DSCL is truly a community center of people who read and love books and libraries. They work and volunteer here. They use their own devices as well as library computers and internet access here. They attend programs and life-long learning opportunities here. They use their library card to access free and extensive resources here, or from their homes. They support this library by using it and generously with their resources. If you have not been to our library, we invite to visit us soon.  We know you will want to become a part of this dynamic community.