Wine Divas

Brief History.  In 2015, a few ladies put their heads together to figure a way to increase support for Pouring Over Books, our annual literary event and wine tasting fundraiser.  Deciding to take on the task of selecting the wines to be presented at the event, they recruited a few of their friends, and the Wine Divas were born.  Having each contributed $300 to become a Wine Diva, with partners in tow, they gathered on October 15, 2015 to fulfill the awesome responsibility of wine selection. Everyone had a great time, and the wines featured at Pouring Over Books were well received.  The Wine Divas were successfully launched.

Recent Events. In January 2019, at the home of Hector and Amy Elizondo the Wine Divas gathered once again for the annual wine selection to choose the wines to be served at Pouring Over Books.