Our Membership Philosophy: A Place for Everyone

If you share our passion for the library and its programs and wish to promote the public use of the library, foster an appreciation of the library’s cultural and educational value to the community, and encourage and support improvement of the library’s resources and services, there are many ways you can be part of our family. You can

  • Purchase a tax-deductible membership, an annual renewable donation of anywhere from $20 up to $100, or even a one-time life membership for $2,500
  • Promote your business or other activity as an event sponsor for Pouring Over Books, our annual literary event and wine tasting fundraiser
  • Become a member of Pouring Over Books fun-raising support group the Wine Divas
  • Purchase an event ticket to our annual literary event and wine tasting fundraiser, Pouring Over Books
  • Accept a role as a major underwriter of all friends activities*
  • Volunteer your time and expertise to further our mutual goals*

*Please use the Contact Us form indicating your interest and we will follow up.

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